Exporting Outlined Task Timephased Data from Microsoft Project

In the previous post you’ve seen how is it possible to get each resource’s work and cost divided on a monthly basis across the entire project into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You can get timephased data for resources, tasks and assignments. All relevant data fields are available. You can find more information in the description of TimeScaleData method.

With task data it gets a bit tricky to export as they are hierarchically structured. By exporting everything, you won’t be able to sum them up. Here you have two options:

  1. Export only non summary tasks (If Not Task.Summary Then …),
  2. or export the outline structure as well.

And here’s how you do it:

Sub ExportTimephasedTaskData()
    ' Sub will export timephased taskdata (work) into Excel worksheet
    ' Define time interval for timephased data
    Dim Start, Finish As String
    Start = "1.1.2004"
    Finish = "31.5.2004"
    ' Define timescale unit. Can be one of the following PjTimescaleUnit constants:
    '   pjTimescaleYears, pjTimescaleQuarters, pjTimescaleMonths, pjTimescaleWeeks,
    '   pjTimescaleDays, pjTimescaleHours, pjTimescaleMinutes
    Dim TimescaleUnit As PjTimescaleUnit
    TimescaleUnit = pjTimescaleMonths
    Dim Pj As Project
    Dim PjRes As Resources
    Dim PjTasks As Tasks
    Dim XlApp As Excel.Application
    Dim IdSheet As Integer
    Dim XlSheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim XlBook As Excel.Workbook
    Set Pj = ActiveProject
    Set PjTasks = Pj.Tasks
    Dim PjTask As Task
    Set XlApp = New Excel.Application
    XlApp.Visible = False
    Set XlBook = XlApp.Workbooks.Add
    XlBook.Title = Pj.Title
    Set XlSheet = XlBook.ActiveSheet
    Dim TSVWork As TimeScaleValues
    Dim T As Long
    Dim Ts As Long
    Dim Row As Integer
    Dim d As Single
    Dim CurrencyFormat As String
    ' Choose work unit divisor depending on the Tools | Options | Schedule | Work.
    ' Work is stored in minutes in MS Project.
    Select Case Pj.DefaultWorkUnits
        Case pjMinute
          d = 1
        Case pjHour
          d = 60
        Case pjDay
          d = Pj.HoursPerDay * 60
        Case pjWeek
          d = Pj.HoursPerWeek * 60
        Case pjMonthUnit
          d = Pj.DaysPerMonth * Pj.HoursPerDay * 60
        Case Else
          d = 1
    End Select
    If Pj.Tasks.Count > 0 Then
        XlSheet.Cells(1, 1) = "Task Name"
        For T = 1 To PjTasks.Count
            Set PjTask = PjTasks(T)
            ' Set Outline level of the task
            XlSheet.Rows(T + 1).OutlineLevel = PjTask.OutlineLevel
            XlSheet.Cells(T + 1, 1).Value = PjTask.Name
            ' Indent tasks
            XlSheet.Cells(T + 1, 1).IndentLevel = PjTask.OutlineLevel - 1
            XlSheet.Cells(T + 1, 1).AddIndent = True
            Set TSVWork = PjTask.TimeScaleData(Start, Finish, _
                Type:=pjTaskTimescaledWork, TimescaleUnit:=TimescaleUnit)
            For Ts = 1 To TSVWork.Count
                If T = 1 Then
                    XlSheet.Cells(1, 1 + Ts) = TSVWork(Ts).StartDate
                End If
                Select Case TimescaleUnit
                    Case pjTimescaleMonths
                        XlSheet.Cells(1, 1 + Ts).NumberFormat = "Mmm Yy"
                End Select
                If Not TSVWork(Ts).Value = "" Then
                    XlSheet.Cells(T + 1, 1 + Ts) = TSVWork(Ts).Value / d
                    XlSheet.Cells(T + 1, 1 + Ts).NumberFormat = "#,##0"
                End If
            Next Ts
            If PjTask.Summary Then
                XlSheet.Rows(T + 1).Font.Bold = True
            End If
        Next T
        XlSheet.Outline.SummaryRow = xlSummaryAbove
    End If
    XlApp.ScreenUpdating = True
    MSProject.ScreenUpdating = True
    AppActivate "Microsoft Project"
    XlApp.Visible = True
    AppActivate "Microsoft Excel"
End Sub


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